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Minnesota National Guard
Winter Warfare Training
Winter Operations is a corner-stone of training at Camp Ripley. Camp Ripley is the National Guard's premier cold weather training site in the United States. Active and Reserve Component units from all branches of the military have trained at Camp Ripley.  Camp Ripley offers units a complete winter warfare training program. This includes clothing, equipment and instruction tailored to your unit's requirements. Instructors will begin training at the unit's home station and continue through the execution of the winter training cycle.
  • First-class winter training areas
  • Biathlon course
  • Groomed ski trails
  • Downhill ski slope w/tow rope
  • All-weather ranges
  • Special cold-weather equipment
  • Formal instruction in winter operations, maintenance, and survival
  • Subject matter experts to assist in your training event
  • Mobile training teams to teach equipment operation prior to your arrival
Training Areas

Camp Ripley has several training areas designed specifically to support cold weather missions. These include down hill ski slopes, groomed cross country ski trails, a world-class biathlon course, and an improvised shelter site.  Additionally most of the ranges have heated buildings to facilitate cold weather range operations. In garrison, billeting and maintenance buildings provide year-round usage.
Formal Instruction

Camp Ripley offers a Winter Operations Instructor Course which is instructed jointly by the Minnesota Army National Guard and the Canadian Army. Other instructors come from both the USAF and USMC. This is a "train-the-trainer" approach to providing units with the institutional knowledge necessary to train, fight and win in a cold weather environment.
Contact Information

Phone: (320) 632-7337
DSN: 871-7337
Fax: (320) 632-7702
Operations: Jay.Morsching@us.army.mil
Scheduler: William Leisenheimer@us.army.mil

15000 Highway 115
Little Falls, MN 56345-4173