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Minnesota National Guard
NATO Training Mission - Afghanistan
NTM-A articles

Afghan training mission returns to Minnesota

Minnesota National Guard deploy to Norway for 35th Annual Norwegian Exchange

35th Annual Norwegian Exchange Youth Training

Norwegian Home Guard Soldiers Continue Training

Coalition instructors videotape training at Afghanistan Urban Terrain site
Written by Master Sgt. Paul Hughes, 10/15/2011

Minn. guardsmen donate school supplies, change lives
Written by Tech. Sgt. Mike Andriacco, 10/15/2011

Minnesota National Guard Soldiers to train, coach and mentor Afghan Soldiers
Written by Master Sgt. Rich Kemp, 4/15/11

NTM-A photos

NATO Training Mission-Afghanistan

Minnesota Guard trains at Fort Dix for Afghanistan mission
10 May, 2011

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NATO NTM-A website - http://ntm-a.com

2nd Combined Arms Battalion, 136th Infantry